Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law




“Come forth, o children, under the stars, & take your fill of love!
I am above you and in you. My ecstasy is in yours. My joy is to see your joy.”
– Nuit
(Liber AL I:12-13)


The Temple of Nuit is an outer expression of the Sempiternal Order A∴A∴, chartered by and operating under the guidance of Frater 418∴, prō Collēgiō Summō. The Temple abides continuously above the Supernal banquet.

It is written we are not a mystery school or a hermetic fellowship, and while we offer quality support individually, we organize no study group meetings.

“There is also a rule that the Members of the A∴ A∴ shall not know each other officially, save only each Member his superior who introduced him and his
inferior whom he has himself introduced.”
(One Star in Sight)


“…Thus ye have star & star, system & system; let not one know well the other!”
– Nuit
(Liber AL I:50)


General purpose

The main objective in our Lineage is spiritual emancipation through mystical and magical skillful means supported by the Holy books of Thelema and quality texts from other traditions (without dabbling in the murky waters of occultism and the new age).

Our Temple functions primarily in the clear sky of mystical and magical dimensions, not occultism.

Conversely, we neither hold nor offer any hidden, occult mysteries save one:

Consistent and sincere hard work on opening up to and connecting with Reality presently and intimately by engaging in life, not escaping it.

Generally, there is a considerable gap between the grade work in the Order and students’ real lives. We intend to narrow that gap.

There are two ways of approaching the studies in the Order:

  • Horizontal or superficial study:
    The study is clinical, mental, and mostly disconnected from real life.
    You study alpha-numerical riddles of gematria, the symbolism of tarot, zodiac, runes, and I-ching, you immerse your mind into the foggy air of the occult, you gather information, learn the structure of Reality, perform some rituals, and you know texts by heart – with no or little change in the quality of your personal life and EQ (emotional intelligence), and self-awareness in real-life situations.
  • Vertical or depth study:
    You take all the exciting stuff from the horizontal approach lightly and bring your actual (personal) awareness of everyday life onto the spiritual path. You also comprehend that your personal life is the only viable arena for spiritual development.
    Thus, your spiritual path becomes grounded, invigorated, and energized. Granted, this kind of spiritual work is more demanding; it is also more honest and yields faster progress (as it depends on you and your inner capacities, not some outside factor). It brings more openness, freedom, profound connection with others, and an ever-growing capacity for living Thelema in real-life situations.

In other words:

The strength of thy longing shall be the depth of your attainment in everyday life (discovering the Integral Reality of zero equals two).

The A∴A∴ Temple of Nuit emphasizes, encourages, and supports the vertical approach. We do not deny or disregard the horizontal approach but encourage our members to balance it with more profound work.

Do consider that before applying for admission.


Specific purpose

We support members inspired to attain the K&C of the HGA and, even more importantly, Adepts on their quest to earn the grade of Magister Templi of the A∴A∴ and beyond.

Empirical knowledge and pragmatical wisdom on the individual level are what we honor the most (“…Success is your proof…” Liber AL III:46).

We work with creative, enthusiastic, and dedicated individuals who already comprehend the need for a gradual deconstruction (Liber AL I:30, 46-47, II:44) of their perception of Reality (not make up some new one) and are willing to meet all the challenges on the path (Liber AL I:50).


Beyond traditional system

In the spirit of Scientific Illumination, we updated the traditional A∴A∴ student reading list and the reading list for the Adepts.

Our students may request initiation into the advanced practice of Kriya Yoga at the Zelator grade in addition to studying pranayama. This psycho-physiological science delivers fast and lasting results regardless of practitioners’ philosophical or religious dispositions.

We also updated the traditional curriculum to support Hermits’ quest for final liberation.

We added the option of requesting empowerment into advanced Tantric methods (the Diamond Vehicle, the so-called ‘nondual tantra’) for Adepts who have taken the Oath of the Abyss and for the winners of the Ordeal x.


Whom do we serve?

21. Nevertheless, as a fire cannot be started with iron alone, in the beginning one system may be suited for one seeker, another for another.

22. We therefore who are without the chains of ignorance, look closely into the heart of the seeker and lead him by the path which is best suited to his nature unto the ultimate end of all things, the supreme realization, the life which abideth in Light, yea, the life which abideth in Light.
– Liber Porta Lvcis sub figura X.


Imperātor, A∴A∴

Love is the law, love under Will