As above so below?

Active or top-down perception is how cognitive neuroscience scientifically describes the process ‘as above – so below’.

In simple terms (maybe even too simple): human inner depth of insight and mental-emotional orientation conditions how and what is perceived.

So, how a human being perceives something is always subjective, according to cognitive neuroscience. But hey, what does the hard-core science know, right?

And regarding Mr. Crowley, oh boy, things that are usually perceived about him range from purity to downright evil. What that says about the perceiver is an interesting question, isn’t it?


…having undergone a lot of formal and informal education in the areas of human consciousness, being a father, and reading Mr. Crowley’s thoughts on the education of children, it is quite impossible for me to view him as someone sinister, dark, or even weird.

Quite the opposite. The thoughts below reflect deep insight into child and human nature. They are in complete harmony with modern developmental psychology, the latest research by humanistic psychology, and even systems like the NVC system (nonviolent communication, introduced by Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D., 1934-2015).

Crowley wrote this 100 years ago when humanistic descriptive sciences had not even been conceived yet, and when the best children’s education was based on an (ineffective, in my view) punishment-reward approach.

Indeed, Crowley really knew what he was doing.

On a more personal note, as shared above, I have a daughter; she is nine now, my angel. 🙂
I have been parenting her according to the thoughts below and/or modern sciences mentioned above.

I am still learning; it surely is a healthy challenge, but all in all, it works 🙂

True words by Mr. Crowley:

“Each child must develop its own Individuality, and Will, disregarding alien Ideals… Education is assisting a soul to express itself. 

Every child should be presented with all possible problems and allowed to register its own reactions; it should be made to face all contingencies in turn until it overcomes each successfully. Its mind must not be influenced, but only offered all kinds of nourishment. Its innate qualities will enable it to select the food proper to its nature. Respect its individuality! Submit all life for its inspection, without comment…

From infancy children should face facts, unadulterated by explanations. Let them think and act for themselves; let their innate integrity initiate itself! Make them explore all life’s mysteries, overcome all its dangers. Falsity and fear are their only foe-men. 

Let them witness birth, marriage, death; let them hear poetry, philosophy, history; compel apprehension but not its articulate expression. Make them face cliffs, billows, animals, finding their own formula of conquest. Thrust Truth on them tirelessly, careful only to make its range all comprehensive; trust them to use it… 

Let children educate themselves to be themselves. Those who train them to standards cripple and deform them. Alien ideals impose parasitic perversions. Every child is a Sphinx; none knoweth its secret but itself…”

Every child is absolute.
Dare not bias it or bind!
Give the seed fair play to shoot!
At maturity its mind
Shall perfect its proper fruit,
Self-determined, self-designed!”

– abridged ‘On the Education of Children’ from The Revival of Magick