In this article, I want to share my observations about the event in Western hermetic tradition called attaining the Knowledge & Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel (K&C of the HGA).

I want to address the specific elements of such attainment and some critical moments in the sadhana of an aspirant that may make a massive difference in the attainment process.

Therefore, I shall avoid rambling on and on about the history and theory behind the K&C of the HGA concepts. Many other texts have been dedicated to that; there is no need to repeat it here. I will also refrain from conveying my thoughts through complicated symbolism, as there is no need for that either—no more secrets.

It is my observation that many sincere and dedicated individuals I have met personally might simply be wasting time and energy with things and rituals that are never going to produce the attainment of the K&C of the HGA. This is the main reason for writing about this rather important topic: hearing and following the inspiration of my own HGA.

Having said that, and on a more personal note, this specific attainment process is the most subjective and individual. Therefore, I invite you to view this text as my subjective reality – I aim to share, not to educate or teach.

Setting the scene

Attainment of  K&C of the HGA in this context means conscious, genuine, deep, utterly intimate, and clear awareness of the contact with the transpersonal (meaning transcendental, non-material, and non-elemental) being that is separate (meaning, possesses separate identity) from the aspirant and is not her higher self or the soul or atma or paramatma or monada or star, etc…

So, in a way, we can write an occasional looking in the mirror and seeing the HGA right off.

The K&C of HGA in this context and in my Universe, therefore, means the complete non-material and trans-personal state of consciousness where the adept leaves behind his/her mundane and relative personal (material) identifications and fully embraces ‘new’ and eternal Identity through ‘melting’ his/her innermost being with the HGA (in intimate exchange of Love or on the wings of Wisdom).

Individuality is inherently present in every single unit of consciousness, and each identity is eternal. Maybe qualitatively speaking, we are all one with all the Gods and Goddesses, but at the identity level, we are separate. Every man and every woman is a star. So, the HGA is different from the aspirant at all levels of existence (this allows HGA to be within or without; that is, we can perceive HGA within us or on the outside). And that’s an excellent thing, for it allows a love exchange, among other things.

Wasted years?

I have a dear friend whom I have known right from childhood. He is a good friend, and I respect him, but on the other hand, for me, he is a fool (and I usually tell him as much, maybe not in those exact words, lol). He is spending all of his time learning scriptures by heart, performing various elemental, zodiac, and other rituals (he is in O.T.O.), happily (and probably unaware) avoiding facing deeper reality in his personal and magickal/mystical life. And this has been going on for decades now.

Of course, he is, like many others, I assume, only following the prescribed curriculum of his Order, never questioning its actual face value, I guess.

When it comes to the attainment of K&C of the HGA,  there are important things to consider, not just a priori following some instructions, in my experience.

For one, the level that HGA dwells on is NOT material or elemental. HGA is a fully transpersonal being, living and breathing in a different reality. And if we are to make contact with Him/Her, we ought to play by His/Her rules, not by material or elemental or zodiac ones.

Magick without tears, p. 496 shares (emphasis mine):

“But you must remember that your Holy Guardian Angel is not only far more fully instructed than yourself on every point that you can conceive, but you may go so far as to say that it is definitely his work or part of his work; always remembering that he inhabits a sphere or plane which is entirely different from anything of which you are normally aware.

So, considering the above notions, my point is that executing planetary, elemental, or zodiac rituals with the hope of attaining the K&C of the HGA can fall short.

In my experience, one has to raise his awareness ABOVE the planetary, elemental, and zodiac levels, for the transpersonal being dwells therein not. How?

What are you focusing on?

This is very important, I feel: investing energy into material (elemental, planetary, or zodiac) rituals may be an obstacle in itself. Our focus determines our reality, and focusing on those non-transpersonal levels is not so efficient a strategy. Such rituals and practices might change planetary, elemental, and zodiac parts of awareness of the individual, BUT they will NOT help in attaining the K&C of the HGA by themselves.

Ben Sandler (IAO131, his website >>) shares in his books the same notion, it seems:
“Initiation cannot be bestowed from others through words, symbols, rituals, or in any other way.”

By studying the Buddhist (or Thelema or any other, for that matter) scriptures, one may become a Ph.D. in Buddhist literature (a very learned individual by all known standards), but it will not produce a Buddha, the Awakened One.

You don’t have to earn a Ph.D. in any tradition to attain permanent and truly transpersonal experiences—quite the opposite. The more one is attached to the material (elemental, planetary, and zodiac) reality, the more complex the advancement.

Look at and invest in impermanent planetary, elemental, and zodiac parts of awareness, and only that is what will be seen. Dreaming instead of awakening:

“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. 
Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” 
– C.G. Jung

Furthermore, I think it was Crowley who said that attaining the K&C of the HGA is the single most important thing in the life of a person. I agree.
So, what’s the point in focusing on anything else?

Let us consider this:
The level from which we perceive a problem or a challenge can never be efficiently used to bring forth the solution to that problem/challenge.

So, we can never attain something beyond our current level of awareness by employing this same level of awareness and tools therein.

Granted, the rituals and various methods may help the process on the intellectual or maybe energy levels, but they WILL NOT produce the K&C of the HGA itself.
Nothing can.

The attainment of K&C of the HGA is a process that is totally beyond our control. It is quite the same story with intimacy. Can you force an orgasm? Can you make it happen using only your effort, your will, right now?

No amount of rituals and any other deeds can ever directly produce such attainment, simply because the attainment of the K&C of the HGA is transpersonal in nature. And that being the case, something else is needed: surrender.

The Being one tries to attain is beyond elemental, planetary, and zodiac spheres of awareness. S/he is entirely transcendental. S/he is trans-personal, above personal. S/he is eternal, whereas all other parts of awareness are impermanent, fleeting, and ever-changing.

And that being the case, the perfect Being needs nothing from an aspirant.

The attainment of the K&C of the HGA in hermetic traditions IS the result of unconditional mercy. It is a gift, and it is a tremendous gift, actually. You can not make it happen. It is impossible to force it. It is the gift of intimate Love.

Frater Saturnus 8=3 A.’.A.’. has shared:

“…However, it is the HGA Himself who will set the proper day and hour for the union.
Then all will be prepared beautifully and fall in its place. The leisure, the aspiration,
the Yoga, the surroundings, the silence, and all the rest. Did I not tell you that He
arranged everything for me in the solitude of the Concentration Camp? Learn to
abandon yourself with utter confidence to Him. Yet, as it is said: Invoke often!
Learn the whole of LXV by heart!”

So, what to do?
Whatever you want, whatever you like 🙂

My unsolicited proposition, however, is this:

1. Realize first that your efforts alone will produce no actual attainment of the K&C of the HGA.

Admit to yourself that you are not at all capable of attaining the K&C of the HGA on your own.
Admit that you need help from Above, from the Being you are seeking contact with.

Loosen up the grip upon the material, elemental, and zodiac rituals; let them go. Tune down the (material) efforts, and let go of the control and intellect!

Depend only on the Being you are seeking Union with. Open up and surrender to Him/Her. Forget the darn material rituals and literal knowledge. The intellect can’t help here, not even in a trillion years.

2. Having done the above,
try to notice that there is a need present in you. There is a lack present in your heart of hearts.

There is a quality present in all of us, some longing, a yearning. Become aware of it. Now, today.
People try to fulfill this inner need by oh so many things on the outside (by magickal rituals, too). Humans have unlimited creativity for distractions, it seems. Waste of time, in my opinion.

Also, try to understand that everything happening in your life (after you have decided to embark on this mystical/magical path, and even before that) is just a way of your HGA trying to bring you closer to Him/Her. So do trust in Him/Her.

This is crucial:
Now open up and set your inner orientation and your intention to get closer to your HGA. Open your heart and reach out NOT by action but by intention.

Reach out ONLY for the Light, only for Him/Her. Pray to Him/Her, intend for Him/Her to open your eyes and your heart, and bring you closer. Surrender as much as your current state allows you.

Do this frequently.

Realize that your HGA controls everything that is happening in your world. Link every thought you have, every emotion you feel, and every event that occurs in your life to your HGA.

And inflame yourself in setting the intention, inner yearning ONLY for the HGA, ONLY for the Light from WITHIN. In other words, invoke often, not by performing ritualistic drama, but by making a space in your awareness for your HGA, not with some action but with pure Intention.

Do that, and in no time, you shall be brought into direct contact with your HGA. Even combining the above steps with your current practice will yield fast and lasting results.

Intimacy is the key here. Surrendering and opening up to an intimate relationship or love affair with your HGA is the key.
And that is a gift. It is the one result of a causeless mercy.

To sum up:
“It is the truth that liberates, not your effort to be free.”
– J. Krishnamurti

– Frater 418.’.