Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law



“Let my servants be few & secret: they shall rule the many & the known.”
– Nuit
(Liber Al I:10)


The Temple of Nuit operates in harmony with:

  • clear intention,
  • living Thelema,
  • dedication,
  • knowledge,
  • power,
  • freedom, and
  • strength.


Apply for admission if you embrace the following:

    Your main inspiration is to attain the K&C of the HGA and to cross the Abyss.
    Your predominant desire might be something else: to explore the mystical Qabalah, learn to divine with tarot, play around with gematria, flavor your life a bit with occultism, or explore the Thelema sexual symbolism. In that case, we might not be the right choice.
    Membership in our Lineage is selective and specifically aimed at those whose main goals are the K&C of the HGA and crossing the Abyss. 
    You genuinely inspire to focus on your inner talents and potential, seeking to become a joyous individual who embraces BOTH spiritual and mundane aspects of existence.
    In other words, you possess the capacity to comprehend that the spiritual awakening is NOT a retreat from everyday life and that spiritual bypassing or escapism (into the occult or new age) is not an intelligent strategy.
    You are willing to try to dedicate a lot of energy and time to your studies of mystical and magical practices and are open to receiving support from us.
    It might take years, and expecting fast results is neither constructive nor conducive. You are also willing to accept support and guidance from one of our members.
    You are already acquainted with the general principles of meditation, yoga, and Thelema, its basic theoretical premises and rituals.
    That translates to, for one, that the Holy Books of Thelema are taken literally no more.
    You are NOT a beginner on the path of personal growth and spiritual awakening.
    If you have issues in daily life, like problems with drugs or alcohol, still entertain notions about rebellion or conspirituality, are still seeking approval from others, have psychotic or neurotic issues, etc., we encourage you to seek out support from other systems.
    You value your integrity and that of others as well.
    You are already free, and in our group, you will be treated as such. Theocracy has no place in our Temple.
    Therefore, if you long for a solid or rigid hand to push or pull you ahead or an “authority” to donate your life energy, our Lineage might not be the right environment.
    We work with leaders, not followers.
    You are willing to take on the tasks of our grade work with enthusiasm, vigor, and confidence.
    The Temple of Nuit is NOT a social club. You will be asked to work independently, at your own pace, with our support and guidance, but on your own.
    Progress is attained through inner realizations, self-discovery, and self-exploration, which takes discipline.

The service of our Temple to our members is dedicated to empirical knowledge and two attainments:

  1. The K&C of the HGA.
  2. Crossing the Abyss.

Everything else is only employed to serve these two all-important accomplishments.

“It should never be forgotten for a single moment
that the central and essential work of the Magicians
is the attainment of the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel.

[…] who can be invariably and inevitably relied upon to lead him to the further
great step-crossing of the Abyss and the attainment of the grade of Master of the Temple.

Anything apart from this course is a side issue
and unless so regarded, may lead to the
complete ruin of the whole work of the Magician.”

(Master Therion, Magick without tears)


The Law is for all, this Great Work & Knowledge is not

“There are very many for whom in their present Incarnations this Great Work may be impossible;
since their appointed Work may be in Satisfaction of some Magical Debt,
or in Adjustment of some Balance, or in Fulfilment of some Defect.
As is written: Suum Cuique.”

– Liber Aleph, alpha


8. He writeth for them that are ready.
Thus is it known if one be ready, if he be endowed with certain gifts,
if he be fitted by birth, or by wealth, or by intelligence, or by some other manifest sign.
And the servants of the master by his insight shall judge of these.

9. This Knowledge is not for all men; few indeed are called, but of these few many are chosen.
10. This is the nature of the Work.
Liber Porta Lvcis sub figura X.


Apply for admission with:

– complete personal (name, surname, residence) and birth details (location, year, month, day, hour, and minute, at least 28 years old), recent photograph,

– valid contact details (an email and phone number),

– letter of introduction – a longer (at least 1200 words or two and a half A4 pages) well-written essay in English about experiences on the spiritual path thus far, your life, challenges, practices you employ, other Orders or groups you might belong to, current understanding of Thelema and The Book of the Law, why you aspire to join the Temple of Nuit and our noble Order, and what are your short and longterm goals.

Your details and information are privileged and will be treated under the European Union’s (GDPR) legal norms.

Admission to our Lineage is selective, and if accepted, you will have a chance to take an oath as a Probationer of the A∴A∴ Order, practicing and studying for up to one year (the three-month student period is omitted in our Lineage).

Email used for admission applications: admission[at]order[dash]aa[dot]net

If you are already a member of the A∴A∴ Order in other Lineages and are inspired to reach out for additional support regarding the attainment of the K&C of the HGA or Ordeal x,
use email info[at]order[dash]aa[dot]net.


“Every man that hath seen me forgetteth me never,
and I appear oftentimes in the coals of the fire,
and upon the smooth white skin of woman,
and in the constancy of the waterfall,
and in the emptiness of deserts and marshes,
and upon great cliffs that look seaward;
and in many strange places, where men seek me not.
And many thousand times he beholdeth me not.
And at last I smite myself into him as a vision smiteth into a stone,
and whom I call must follow.”
– The Vision and the Voice, 2nd Aethyr, ARN


Imperātor, A∴A∴

Love is the law, love under will