There is a completely open space beyond coming and going, above and unaffected by the visible object of worship.

And yet, She (the impersonal presence in (non)anthropomorphic clothing)  emanates as the Supernal banquet to bring uttermost delight into the hearts of men and women.

None, One, and Two: She manifests as the reticent presence through dichotomy, so He might be.

In the manifest universe, everything is in motion, always coming and going. Therefore, it is as unfeasible to stay still indefinitely as it is to keep on moving. 

It is written that the tendency to withdraw within into silence is a mystical path and that the Will to live, the art of expressing Love without, is a magickal path.

Any given act without can not possibly be a magickal act, for not all activities lead to the softness of Her bosom, just as any given withdrawal within leads not to dissolution and eternal ecstasy in Her kisses.

Without proper knowledge, self-discipline, and one-pointedness, we can lose direction and perform some random activity within or without, not realizing we are stuck.

It is not about the action; it is about intention.

Action without the intention to ultimately realize the Will within and express the Love through motion is pointless occultism: playing around with words, definitions, and forces (in favor or against other beings), happily oblivious of the deeper Reality.

Focusing exclusively on the inner separate self is a grave mistake (Liber AL II:27), for the left hand can not do much alone. It needs the right hand to consummate equilibrium.

It is, therefore, sensible to be ever-vigilant of the peculiarity and direction of the inner intention.

What do we want?
What is our real intention?

To escape into occultism with no inner direction for equilibrium?

I should hope not, for:

This child danceth not, but it is because he is the soul of the two dances – the right hand and the left hand, and in him they are one dance, the dance without motion.
– Liber 418, LIL

– Frater 418∴