Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law


To Whom It May Be Concerned

The Temple of Nuit’s official position regarding this important subject is as follows:


“The Sempiternal A∴A∴ Order is beyond political and personal human projections,
hopes and dreams.
Only inner and intimate transpersonal realizations above reason can link one with this Inner Order,
no outside authority can do that.
It is a matter of complete freedom of self-regulated spiritual development.
There is no ‘One True Lineage’ or ‘One True World Teacher’,
for such exclusiveness exists only in the vivid human imagination.”



“It is necessary that we stop, once and for all, this ignorant meddling with other people’s business.
Each individual must be left free to follow his own path.”
– Master Therion



Words of one of the S∴S∴ Adepts, Grady McMurtry, might contribute to the clarity of the subject under discussion (quote from the 1979 O.T.O. Newsletter):



Over the past several years there have been a number of attempts to politicize A∴A∴. Most of these have either taken the form of public advertising or private pressure tactics. It seems an opportune time to make a few statements on the nature of this great order.

First of all, just who is a member of A∴A∴? In as much as this is an Inner Order, there can be only one person who can answer such a question in a particular case the claimant herself. When someone tells me that he or she (“she” is the traditional pronoun in this instance-for either a Frater or a Soror) is a member of A∴A∴, I believe it. I also often wonder what business it is of mine. A∴A∴ is not a school of outer initiation, like O.T.O. in some of its aspects.

A∴A∴ is a body of individuals who have attained particular grades of self-initiation in accordance with particular standards. Those standards are described by Crowley in “One Star in Sight” and in Liber CLXXXV. Some persons have direct lineage from Crowley as proctors for A∴A∴ work. The basic texts are all in print. Anyone of sufficient judgment and intelligence can apply themselves diligently to the Great Work along this course. An Inner Order should be free from politics.

Grady McMurtry

Crowley deliberately designed A∴A∴ on the cell system, modified for one-on-one communication. Division of branches is therefore inevitable on the death of the Frater or Soror linking particular series of members. One of the obligations for advanced members is the establishment of independent systems, religions and orders.

The Outer Grade recognition ends for all major purposes at Tiphareth. Beyond Tiphareth the advancement is by the Knowledge and Conversation of the Angel. The Inner Head of A∴A∴ is not in the ordinary sense a corporeal being. Who is a Magister Templi? That person who can do the work of the Grade. It makes no difference whether her Oath is witnessed by Therion or by the Neteru. The Grade itself is as real as the blast that tore Jack Parsons from the world of men. To argue mightily that one is of such a grade is as near as may be to proving that one is not! One may simply say it by the way. One may not even mention it at all.

To set one claim to A∴A∴ against another is to fight as brothers — a political exercise. But, the Brothers of A∴A∴ are Sisters! Be done with politics at the sanctuary of NU!

There are many people in the world who have attained. In like manner, there are many who have not attained, but who have prepared. For some, one trail leads to the Star. For others another path. Let those who would take to the narrow road that widens in the Empyrean prepare themselves by discipline and diligence. The voice of the dove will be heard. The Angel will come at the right time.

What to take until the Angel arrives? A good look at “One Star in Sight.” Call in the redness of the morning.

the O.T.O. Newsletter, Berkeley, California Vol. II, #7&8 [Double Issue] Winter-Spring, May 1979, pgs. 104-105.


Imperātor, A∴A∴


Love is the law, love under will